Revitalizing a legacy.

In the 1980s, the "Black Book" at UC Berkeley guided the underrepresented Black community on campus by enriching the student experience and providing navigational capital. This iconic student handbook connected waves of generations to mentors, resources, and a supportive community paving their path to success. In 1996, the overturning of affirmative action diminished the Black student population and the production of the “Black Book” ended.

At Blackbook U, we proudly revitalize this legacy by fostering an empowered digital community for today's underrepresented Black and Brown scholars and professionals.

Celebrating Excellence.

Blackbook U was created to uplift and amplify the voices and triumphs of underrepresented students and professionals. Our mission is to promote opportunities for social mobility through inclusive storytelling and community.

At Blackbook, we collaborate with universities, corporations, and student communities, creating a unique form of storytelling that inspires achievement. Through our expertise in digital content and dynamic storytelling, we support organizations and entities in their goals of bridging the gaps between communities of color and the future of the workforce. This is more than a platform - it's a movement fueling diverse excellence.